FHP: Visibility Helps Prevent Pedestrian and Cycling Accidents

The Florida Highway Patrol and the Fort Myers Police Department conducted a pedestrian and cycling safety awareness campaign on February 17, 2015. The purpose was to educate pedestrians and cyclists on safety and accident prevention. In the process, they provided high visibility safety vests, reflective bracelets and key chain lights to over 400 pedestrians. They also equipped almost 200 bicyclists with front safety lights, bells and reflectors.

Promoting pedestrian visibility requires education and enforcement mechanisms. Effectively educating the public on obeying pedestrian safety laws is key to insuring pedestrian visibility. During holidays and times when drivers are more likely to drive impaired, the Florida Highway Patrol is seeking to establish media campaigns that reiterate the importance of watching out for pedestrians.

Because visibility increases your safety, the FHP also is encouraging cyclists and pedestrians to increase their visibility by wearing the proper clothing. For cyclists, this includes installing front and rear lights and reflectors, as well as wearing high visibility jerseys and clothing. At night, pedestrians and cyclist should avoid wearing dark clothing and be mindful that drivers are less likely to see you.

At Jim Dodson Law, we are committed to helping pedestrians and cyclists who have been wrongfully injured in an accident. For more information about visibility, check out our Florida Bike Magazine, where you can enter to win our high-visibility jersey. Designed to be seen day or night, our high-visibility jersey is perfect for both pedestrians and cyclists to help increase their visibility. Remember, the first thing a driver says after hitting a pedestrian or cyclist is “I never saw them.” We need every advantage we can muster and being visible increases the odds of avoiding being hit as a pedestrian or bicyclist.

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