Volunteer Riders Needed On the Pinellas Trail

The Pinellas Trail is one of the most recognized and popular multiuse trails in the country. It was extended an additional 5 miles last month with the opening of a new section between Keystone Road and the Pasco County line. From end to end it covers over 60 miles and is an integral part of the much anticipated Coast to Coast Connector between St. Petersburg and Titusville on the east coast. Monitoring the trail and the numerous other parks within Pinellas County requires a coordinated effort beyond the use of paid park rangers.

Jim Wedlake is an ambassador for the Pinellas County Auxiliary Rangers. I had the pleasure of having lunch with Jim and his friend Mike Siebel last fall when they introduced me to the valuable service performed by the Auxiliary Ranger program. This is a group of dedicated volunteers who are committed to provide 100 hours of service each year to ride and monitor the trail. They help alert park rangers to maintenance and repair issues, security and other safety concerns. Their input is valuable to the quarterly meetings of the Pinellas Trail Safety Task Force.

As a cyclist, if you're looking for a meaningful place to volunteer your time while enjoying the beautiful Pinellas Trail, the Auxiliary Ranger program may be a perfect fit. Get more information on the Pinellas County website or call (727)549-6136 or 6137.

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