What You Need to Know About Using Fireworks in Florida

Laws and dangers of Florida fireworksFireworks may be legally used in Florida on July 4th, New Year’s Eve and New Year’s Day. Before the law was changed in April of this year fireworks were not legal, although one would hardly have known it. While they may now be legal (only on those three days), they are not safe. Over 10,000 Americans are injured each year by private fireworks, mostly around these holidays.

Many of us view fireworks as pretty harmless fun, especially for children. They are far from it. They are inexpensive and being discharged by people with no real experience in their safe use. An NFL player lost several fingers in a fireworks injury several years ago. Common injuries are to the hands, face and upper body. Injuries always involve burns which can be hideous.

The person discharging fireworks may be held legally responsible when things go wrong. These are commonly homeowner’s claims and may involve someone lighting a “dud” that explodes, or allowing a child to handle or light one with too short of an igniter, or having a rocket type takeoff along the ground instead of into the sky. We represented a child who was sitting safely in her own parent’s garage when a neighbor’s bottle rocket veered into the garage horribly burning this beautiful little girl.

Be safe and have a Happy 4th.

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