What is the Speed Limit on a Florida Sidewalk?

While there is no State speed limit for bicycles on sidewalks, there may be local ordinances or signage applying speed limits to sidewalk cyclists in some areas. Failure to obey such rules can result in a citation.

In addition, Fla. Stat. 316.183 defines “unlawful speed” in Florida and states:
(1)No person shall drive a vehicle on a highway at a speed greater than is reasonable and prudent under the conditions and having regard to the actual and potential hazards then existing. In every event, speed shall be controlled as may be necessary to avoid colliding with any person, vehicle, or other conveyance or object on or entering the highway in compliance with legal requirements and the duty of all persons to use due care.

Under this statute, the term “highway” applies to both the roadway and the sidewalk. See Fla. Stat. 316.003 (53). So, although there is no specific “speed limit,” all cyclists on the sidewalk are under a duty to travel at a reasonable speed relative to the conditions.

Excessive speed that endangers others could result in a citation for failure to exercise due care. Any accident involving a cyclist and a pedestrian will also most assuredly factor in the speed of the cyclist. This coupled with Florida’s requirement that a cyclist must yield to pedestrians on the sidewalk (Fla. Stat. 316.2065 9-10), creates liability on the part of the speeding cyclist if they were to collide with a pedestrian while speeding.

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