What Successful People Do Before Breakfast

Breakfast muffinSuccess Magazine has some great articles and this one really caught my eye! Like most people, I struggle to make the most productive use of each day. It’s a challenge to maintain a high level of productivity throughout a busy day. But, how often do we really look at how we use our time in order to discover our most productive work hours. Many of us tend to put off the difficult jobs. Too often, we fall victim to checking off the easy stuff.

Successful people have learned when they are most productive. They make sure to use those productive hours to do their most important work. For most people their best work hours will be in the morning. If you’re not sure, consider doing these things to find out:

  • Track your time. Yes, all of it. It will be eye opening. You’ll see exactly where your time is wasted.
  • Picture your perfect morning. What would the start of the day look like for you? This is about your perfect day, not someone else’s. What things, if you did them regularly, would help you create a better day and contribute to your better life? Would it include prayer and scripture reading, exercise, yoga, meditation, or just some quiet time to reflect on your day?
  • What do you need to do to make this happen? Are you most productive in the morning, but want to exercise or meditate for an hour before starting? You’ll need to decide what time you want to get up, which dictates what time you need to get to bed (admittedly, this is a lot easier when the kids are grown, but you can still get this done around their schedules).
  • Make this all a matter of habit. See my blog from last week for a refresher on creating new habits.

It’s amazing that the most successful people are this way because they’ve learned to achieve balance. It’s not all about their work. They also do those things that are the most important for their life - something we should all want to study.

See Success Magazine, April 2013 edition for more details.

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