Who’s Responsible When Another Cyclist Runs Into Another Cyclist?

Most cyclists understand Florida law requires them to ride with the flow of traffic when riding on the road. Apparently, not everyone has gotten the word. Wink News reports that on July 11, 2013 two cyclists were injured when they collided on Fort Myers Beach near the 1800 block of Estero Blvd. The news article reported that one bicyclist was riding against the flow of traffic. One of the injured riders said as they approached one another they both swerved in the same direction to avoid a bike on bike collision. One cyclist sustained a head injury and was transported to Lee Memorial Hospital. The other suffered cuts and bruises.

The first question after a bicycle accident is, “Who was at fault?” A bike rider is required to follow the same rules of the road as the driver of a car. If a cyclist violates a traffic law they may be found at fault for causing the other cyclists injuries. The next consideration is whether there is insurance coverage. This means is there an insurance policy to compensate the cyclist who did not cause the accident. Homeowners insurance may provide that coverage.

If a cyclist who owns a home with homeowners insurance causes an accident to another cyclist, their insurance company should protect them. The cyclist who is not at fault would then be compensated for their injuries by the homeowners insurance of a cyclist who was to blame for the accident. The facts of every injury case are different which is why you would want your claim investigated by an experienced bicycle accident lawyer.

Have You Been Injured In A Bicycle Accident?

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