The Importance of Collision Insurance

Collision insurance helps pay to repair or replace your vehicle if it’s damaged or destroyed in an accident, regardless of who is at fault. This means it covers repairs to your own car even if you hit another vehicle, an object like a tree or fence, or a road hazard like a guardrail.

It is important to have collision insurance even in cases when the other driver is at fault. Often, the driver which caused the accident will not have enough property damage coverage to cover the damages sustained by your vehicle in an accident. This is especially true in multi-vehicle accidents, or pileups.

One of the most common examples I see in my practice is when a driver with minimal or no property damage liability insurance coverage causes a multi-vehicle accident. In that case, all of the damaged vehicles are forced to share among the minimal limits available, and the cars without collision insurance may not even receive enough compensation to repair or replace the vehicle.

To help make sure this doesn’t happen to you, I am always able to provide a free review of your insurance policies. Simply click here to download our free Auto Insurance Review Form, fill it out and I can give you my thoughts on the best coverage for you.

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