The Defense Lawyer was Impressed By My Cycling Client

A defense lawyer took the sworn statement of my cycling client in a deposition recently as part of our lawsuit against a negligent driver. The lawyer was blown away by my client and openly expressed their feelings. What was so amazing?

First, our client, like most cyclists, was devoted to his sport. He rode regularly and covered a lot of miles. You’ve heard the reaction when people ask “you rode how many miles?”

Second, he was careful and precise and observant. He knew his route specifically. He knew how fast he was going and what had happened just before the driver pulled out in front of him.

Third, he was honest. He admitted specifically the activities he was able to do after his crash and those things he could no longer do or do as well - like riding as far or as fast.

Fourth, he was motivated to get better and get back on the bike. It showed in the doctors he chose. The medical records reflected he did what the doctors suggested and that he consistently made his best effort. You’d be shocked at the records which make people look like they are just looking for a check!

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