A Reminder About Why UM Insurance is So Important

Uninsured/underinsured coverage on your auto policy is critically important in Florida. Being hit by a driver with little or no insurance is devastating enough, not having UM on your own policy makes it worse.

Here are two cases we settled recently which illustrate the point.

The first was a cycling case in which the rider suffered a serious leg fracture with hospitalization, surgery with a rod and screws, in-patient rehabilitation and physical therapy. We proved the crash was caused by the actions of another vehicle, but the identity of the driver and owner could not be determined. Thankfully, our client had a large UM policy which their insurance company paid to settle the claim.

Another client was injured in an auto crash with impact so severe it ripped the bolts out securing the driver’s seat to the frame. Our client suffered from neck and back injuries which did not require surgery, along with a concussion (mild traumatic brain injury) with documented prolonged symptoms. The driver did have insurance which, when combined with our client’s UM policy, allowed us to settle their case for $150,000. Without the UM policy our client would have been grossly shortchanged.

Jim Dodson
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