Will There Be Breed Specific Restrictions in Florida Counties?

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What: Florida dog bite attack
A Florida child was viciously bitten by a dog as she walked home with her mother and grandmother in Miami-Dade. The year was 1989. This horrible incident was the push behind an unprecedented county-wide ordinance banning residents from owning pit bulls in Miami-Dade. The pit bull attack left the young girl in critical condition, with such serious dog bite injuries, that she needed reconstructive facial surgery. Her mother and grandmother suffered injuries as victims of the dog bite attack too. The Florida legislature later passed a law to prevent further bans on specific breeds, so the ban is only observed in Miami-Dade County.

So, are some dog breeds naturally aggressive due to genetics, or does environment play a role as well? Those who are against breed specific restrictions say it is a myth that pit bulls are naturally aggressive dogs and that a dog’s breed alone does not and can not shape behavior. A strong influence on a dog’s behavior include it’s socialization, training, management and proper care (or lack of.)

Florida lawmakers will weigh in today on Senate bill 1276, House bill 543. If passed, the legislation will allow local governments to decide if certain dog breeds should be banned.

Is it just a coincidence that the breeds you hear about so often causing serious attacks on people are those who are being recognized as aggressive? What are your thoughts?

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