Wise Words from a Five-Year-Old

Drawing by six-year-old granddaugher, LilahPam and I recently received this drawing from Lilah, our six-year-old granddaughter. I found it to be quite inspiring! In case you’re having difficulty with her grammar it says, “if you believe in yourself you can be anything you want to be.” This is the same child who dressed as a lion for Halloween complete with a red cape which she chose because “champions wear red.” I was astonished she made this realization so young. I didn’t realize this great truth for decades.
In my study of success literature, I have learned so much of what we are capable of accomplishing in our life begins with a belief, not only in our self, but in the reality of the vision of whatever it is we seek to accomplish. Without that belief our dreams will go nowhere. I have seen it expressed “we don’t have a choice of whether we will build a life - we have a choice what life it will be.”

The next part of the puzzle for Lilah and for each of us is our belief must be followed by action. When we have a vision of something we want to be or to accomplish we own that vision spiritually or intellectually. It is by taking consistent action on a daily basis that we begin to move our vision into the physical reality of our lives. In other words, nothing happens until something moves. The Quakers have an apt expression along the lines of “pray and move your feet.”

This just means we must be committed to accomplishing the reality of our vision in our life. Yes Lilah, if you believe in yourself and take action you can become anything you want to be. You simply must be committed to accomplishing your goal. Our commitment is the price we pay until the result is achieved. Go girl!!

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