Are There Exceptions to PIP Coverage in Florida?

Yes, there are absolutely exceptions to Personal Injury Protection (PIP) insurance. But in order to understand these exceptions you must first understand what PIP insurance does cover.

PIP Insurance Coverage

PIP, or “no fault,” auto insurance is required for all motor vehicle owners in the state of Florida. As the owner of the vehicle, you are named on your Florida PIP insurance policy and are covered as the “named insured.”

Aside from yourself, as the driver of a vehicle in Florida, there are several other conditions and parties that are covered under your PIP insurance. Other covered parties and conditions include:

  • Yourself, as a pedestrian outside of your vehicle, struck by another vehicle;
  • Yourself, as a passenger in another’s vehicle;
  • Your children living with you, as drivers, pedestrians or passengers; and
  • Any other relatives living with you, as drivers, pedestrians or passengers.

Coverage will apply out of state so long as you, your children or relatives are injured in your insured vehicle.

Exceptions to PIP Coverage

Unfortunately, the above listed parties and conditions included in Florida PIP insurance coverage are not absolute. The exceptions to Florida PIP insurance coverage include:

  • Your relatives residing with you or passengers in your vehicle who have their own vehicle licensed in Florida; or
  • Your relatives residing with you or passengers in your vehicle who have their own vehicle that is required to be licensed in Florida.

These individuals are not covered by your Florida PIP insurance because they are required by state laws to have PIP insurance of their own.

The final exception to your coverage comes into play if you are out of state and not in your own insured vehicle. If you are not in your own vehicle and not in the state of Florida, your Florida PIP insurance will not cover your injuries.

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