Can I Recover Compensation if I was Struck By a Car While Crossing the Street Outside of a Crosswalk?

If you or someone you care about was struck by a vehicle while crossing the street and the accident report places you outside the crosswalk at the time of the impact, you may be wondering about your legal options.  

The good news is you may be able to receive compensation for your injuries even if you were hit outside of a crosswalk. Since every pedestrian accident case is unique, it would be in your best interest to give us a call to discuss the details of your accident.

A number of different factors need to be considered in determining whether you can file a successful injury claim, especially if you were crossing the street outside of a crosswalk. Most important is that your actions were not the sole cause of your accident.

Florida follows the doctrine of pure comparative negligence, which means you can seek compensation for your injuries even if you were partially at fault. Listed below are examples of shared responsibility for an accident, making you eligible for compensation in an injury claim:

  • The driver that hit you was operating the vehicle while under the influence of drugs or alcohol;
  • The driver was texting, talking or using their phone;
  • The driver was simply not paying attention;
  • The driver was distracted by someone or something in their vehicle;
  • The vehicle had a mechanical failure that contributed to the accident; and/or
  • The driver was speeding or driving recklessly.

People injured by motor vehicles have the right to be paid compensation for their medical expenses related to the accident, lost wages for the time they missed work during their recovery and loss of ability to earn money in the future pain and suffering they have dealt with as a result of their injuries.

Have You Been Injured In A Pedestrian Accident?

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