I Was Hit As A Pedestrian By A Driver Who Fled The Scene. What Can I Do?

Hit and run drivers are a menace to Florida pedestrians. There are several reasons why a driver will flee after hitting a pedestrian. They may have no insurance or, even more dangerous, no driver’s license. If a driver was drinking or under the influence or has a warrant for their arrest they will frequently drive away in order to avoid arrest. Regardless of the reasons, fleeing is a cowardly act which leaves you to face your injuries and medical bills on your own.

How Will My Medical Bills Be Paid In A Pedestrian Hit And Run Case?

Pedestrian Hit And Run Accident

If you own a vehicle insured in Florida you are required to have No Fault/PIP which pays up to the first $10,000 of your medical bills for injuries received when hit by a vehicle. If you do not own your own vehicle, but live with a family member who does have an insured vehicle, you may be entitled to No-Fault/PIP benefits under their policy.

There are requirements in order to take advantage of the PIP benefits. The first is that you need to see an approved medical provider within 14 days of your injury. If you receive only chiropractic treatments, your benefits under PIP may be limited to $2500. Your doctor may send you for an evaluation as to whether you have what is known under the PIP statute as an “emergency medical condition.” If a doctor makes a finding you have an emergency medical condition you may be entitled to the entire $10,000 of PIP benefits. Keep in mind PIP pays medical bills. It does not provide cash payments to you for your injuries unrelated to reimbursement of your injury related medical expenses.

How Will I Be Paid For Pain And Suffering Resulting From A Pedestrian Hit And Run Case?

If you own a vehicle insured in Florida or are a resident relative of a family member who has an insured vehicle, you would be entitled to compensation under the uninsured/underinsured provisions of that auto policy. The simplest way to confirm whether you have this coverage is to look at the declarations page you received from your car insurance company each year, check your policy online or simply call the insurance company and ask.

Receiving fair and just compensation after a hit-and-run pedestrian crash can be complicated. You’ll find answers to the most common questions in our popular consumer guide Florida Pedestrian Accident Guide. It is available to download here for free.

Have You Been Injured In A Pedestrian Hit And Run Case?

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