How Can Social Media Ruin Your Florida Personal Injury Case?

Social media is a major part of many people’s day to day lives in 2020. Many people don’t know if you are injured in an accident then social media can seriously destroy your case. The scary truth is the insurance company and their lawyers will be looking at your social media posts. I have seen far too many cases where the other side shows social media posts to discredit a client’s injuries.

Regardless of whether your profile is set to “private” or “friends only,” everything on your profile can be brought into your claim and into court.

While we would not ask you to refrain from social media altogether, if you are ever engaged in litigation or considering litigation following an injury, it is best not to post anything at all during this period.  Someone could interpret almost any photo of you doing an activity as being inconsistent with your injury. Even photos of you smiling or with friends are used to suggest you’re doing alright and things aren’t as bad as you claim.

If you would like to learn more about how seemingly harmless social media posts can destroy your personal injury claim, download our free report, Important Social Media Tips for Personal Injury Victims.

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