How Many Traffic Deaths in Florida are Caused By Drunk Dirvers?

According to MADD, there were 716 people who lost their lives to drunk drivers in 2011 in Florida alone. That means thousands of people lost loved ones they can never see again as a result of people choosing to drink too much and get behind the wheel. Thirty percent of all traffic deaths in Florida were a result of a drunk driver.  These are senseless deaths that are completely avoidable.

In 1995, there were 717 fatalities due to drunk drivers. After years of raising awareness with public service announcements people still continue to drink, drive, and kill innocent people. Some people look at these statistics as mere numbers, but the numbers represent people. The people who are killed are survived by parents, spouses, and children. Losing a loved one can cause devastating emotional and financial harm. Never being able to say goodbye affects people in work, school, and every day activities. Lives are changed  by the financial burdens of burial cost, loss of a bread winner, and unpaid medical bills.

We hear the cliché that “buzzed driving is drunk driving”, but it is much more than a cliché. If you feel anything other than normal after drinking you are impaired. It’s not worth killing someone and having to live with yourself knowing that you took a life. We have already addressed the problem, and it is time for individuals to finally drink responsibly.

Have You Or A Loved One Been Injured By A Drunk Driver?

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