How Can I Determine How Much My Florida Pedestrian Accident Case Worth?

This is a question everyone wants answered, but the truth is if you were hit by a motor vehicle there is no simple formula that can be used to tell you, at the start of your accident case, how much it is worth.

The facts in every pedestrian accident case are different, and there are things a lawyer needs to know before offering an opinion as to the value of your case:

  • What proof is available to show that the driver was the one who caused the accident?
  • How badly were you injured? What kind of treatment are you getting now, and what will you need in the future?
  • How much pain and suffering, both physical and emotional, have you experienced since your accident? Is it likely to continue? For how long?
  • How will your injuries affect your life in the future? Will you be able to return to work or participate in the activities you enjoy? How will the injuries affect your quality of life?

Do we have all of this information right after the accident? No, we do not.

It takes time for many of these questions to be answered as your injuries require treatment in the form of surgery and rehabilitation or as evidence of video cameras at the scene surface. Pedestrians are often knocked unconscious at the scene of an accident involving a vehicle. You may not remember exactly what happened and it could take time to find witnesses.

We work with you to gather the information and the proof we need to ensure every fact that could affect the value of your case is documented. Only once all of these factors are weighed can an estimate of the value of your claim be made.

Have You Been Injured In A Pedestrian Accident?

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