How Should I Handle an Insurance Adjuster if They Should Try to Contact Me?

When you file a claim with an insurance company you’ll be contacted by an adjuster working on behalf of the company. If you are filing a claim against more than one party or your accident included several vehicles, you may be dealing with several insurance adjusters. Before speaking to any insurance adjuster you should hire a personal injury lawyer to advise you.

The statements you give to any insurance adjuster are almost always used against your claim. Even an insurance adjuster from your own insurance company is only looking out for their own company’s interests. They want to ensure that they pay out the smallest settlement possible and will even try to get your claim denied completely.

An insurance adjuster is trained to get you to admit fault for your personal injury accident through careful questioning and prodding during phone interviews. Never allow an insurance adjuster to record a phone call, and instead tell the insurance adjuster that all communication will be handled through your attorney. That’s another advantage of hiring a personal injury lawyer to work on your case; your attorney can deal with the insurance adjusters for you, ensuring you don’t say anything that could harm your injury claim.

How Can A Florida Personal Injury Lawyer Help You Deal With Insurance Adjusters?

An experienced  lawyer should be very accustomed to dealing with insurance adjusters and understand their attempts to damage the facts of your claim. Many clients who are deserving of compensation for their personal injury claims have found themselves out of luck after a recorded statement phone interview with a crafty insurance adjuster.

Before speaking to an insurance adjuster, request a free copy of my consumer guide, The Five Mistakes That Can Wreck Your Florida Accident Case or contact Jim Dodson Law to schedule a free consultation at 727-446-0840.

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