I was Hurt When Someone Drove Their Golf Cart Over Me. How Can I Get Compensated?

Many people are seriously injured by the negligent operation of golf carts. All too often they cause serious lower extremity injuries, including leg fractures, ankle fractures, knee injuries as well as serious scarring and disfigurement.

Florida has a Dangerous Instrumentality Doctrine which provides the owner is liable for harm done to anyone by a dangerous instrumentality they own. A car is a dangerous instrumentality, as is a golf cart. As a result, the operator of the car may be liable for its negligent operation. The owner of the car remains liable as well because it is a dangerous instrumentality.

You may seek compensation for your injuries from the operator of a golf cart through their home owners insurance if they own a home. You may also pursue recovery from the owner. In most situations the owner would be a golf course or golf resort, which covers its golf carts under a general liability insurance policy.

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