I was Jogging in a City Park in Tampa, Tripped on Broken Sidewalk and Broke My Arm. Is the City Liable?

If you have broken your arm while jogging on a broken Tampa sidewalk, the city is not necessarily liable just because the sidewalk was broken. On the other hand, if the city had been notified of the sidewalk’s broken condition, they should have put up a sign or a barrier to prevent a pedestrian accident. Therefore, the city may be held liable for your broken arm in some cases.

If you choose to pursue damages in a personal injury claim, the city may argue that you were partially at fault for trying to cross the broken sidewalk. The outcome of your case will depend on your ability to present a valid argument. To build your case against the city, you can get the professional help of a lawyer.

It is important to keep in mind however that suing a government entity such as a city or other government office has a different set of standards and deadlines than personal injury claims against people or other types of businesses. Often, victims are only allowed only an incredibly short timeframe to notify the government entity of their intent to seek damages. That is why it is vital to speak with a lawyer right away to avoid missing the statute of limitations on these types of claims.

After your type of pedestrian accident, you may be compensated for current and, if necessary, future medical expenses. You may also be compensated for your pain and suffering, and any wages that you may have lost.

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