What are the Most Common Misconceptions About Car Accidents in Pinellas & Hillsborough Counties?

Many people believe they know how to avoid an accident by driving at certain times or being extra careful in certain places. The truth is, you never know when someone else is going to doze off behind the wheel or decide to send a text message instead of watch the road. You have to stay alert the entire time you are driving your car, riding your bike or walking near the street.

Myth: Most accidents are caused by drunk drivers.
Truth: Less than 7% of all crashes in Pinellas County involved alcohol impairment. However, 46% of all fatal crashes in the county were a result of intoxication. So, while most accidents are caused by sober drivers, nearly half of all deadly accidents involved alcohol intoxication or drug impairment.

Myth: The elderly community is responsible for the dangerous roads.
Truth: Only 11% of crashes in Pinellas involved people ages 65 or older, but drivers aged 15 to 34 were involved in almost 30% of accidents. Although the elderly are an at risk population of drivers, their decreased mobility keeps them driving less as they adapt their driving pattern to accommodate their limitations.

Myth: Most severe accidents occur at low speeds and close to home.
Truth: Accidents occur within 5 miles of the driver’s home. That being said, over 75% of severe crashes in Hillsborough County occurred on roads with posted speed limits of 45 miles per hour or greater. What does this tell us? Although the drivers may have been ‘close to home’, these accidents weren’t little fender benders inside the subdivision. A vehicle moving at 45 mph can cause a lot of damage and is surely not moving at a law speed.

Myth: If you don’t feel any pain at the time of the accident, you are injury free.
Truth: Often, people leave the scene of an accident pain free. Once the shock wears off and the adrenaline in your body returns to normal levels, the pain may start to kick in. Some injuries, like whiplash or neck and back pain, may not be apparent immediately. It may take a few days to feel your injuries. In fact, certain injuries get worse with time as they go untreated. If you are involved in an auto accident, you should seek treatment from a medical professional immediately to determine whether you have any injuries.

Myth: Morning rush hour is the deadliest time to be on the road.
Truth: Most fatal crashes in Pinellas and Hillsborough counties occur at night, a shocking number considering less than 30% of all crashes occur at night.

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