What are the Most Common Ways Cyclists are Forced Off the Road?

There are three different ways this can happen.

Probably the most common way a cyclist is forced off the road is by a driver who collides with them, but stops and remains at the scene of the accident.

The second way it happens is when a vehicle strikes a cyclist but does not stop. This is what we refer to as a hit-and-run accident. People leave the scene after causing an accident for many reasons. Often times, the driver does not have a valid license, he or she has been drinking and wants to avoid a DUI, or already has a warrant out for his or her arrest.

Fleeing the scene after an accident in which the cyclist was injured is a cowardly thing to do. The driver may be the only person who knows the cyclist has been hurt. When they fail to call for help, they put the cyclist’s life in danger. It is also a felony in Florida.

There are also crashes caused by phantom vehicles. That would describe a driver who comes so close to a cyclist that the rider is forced off the road to avoid a collision and the driver keeps going. It is almost as if the driver were never there, hence the term ‘phantom vehicle.’ These accidents can be fairly tricky to handle because the driver may not realize that he or she caused an accident and can be difficult to locate.

Anyone that suffers a serious injury as a result of any of these types of collisions should contact an experienced bicycle lawyer to understand what can be done to seek compensation for your injuries and have your medical bills paid.

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