My Husband Insists on Buying a Motorcycle. What Insurance Should He have to Protect the Family if He is Injured in a Crash?

The standard automobile No-Fault (PIP) does not apply to motorcycles. No proof of insurance is required to register a motorcycle. However, Florida's Financial Responsibility Law still applies if he is involved in an accident. He can face penalties and license revocation if he does not have proof of $10,000 in medical insurance coverage (health insurance qualifies.)

Most motorcycle riders are under-insured. In addition to the required $10,000 in medical insurance, the best way to protect him and the family from the consequences of a serious injury is to have adequate uninsured motorist (UM) coverage which pays for his injury and losses if the car causing the accident is not insured or does not carry enough bodily injury insurance to pay all losses he might suffer. Keep in mind, uninsured motorist will pay medical, wage loss, pain & suffering and all damages the person who caused the accident should pay if they were adequately insured.

It is unfortunate that most motorcycle riders I encounter in my practice have not obtained adequate UM coverage to protect themselves. In order to buy UM he will need bodily injury coverage. This protects him in the event he causes an accident injuring someone else. While it may not be required in Florida, for motorcycles, he will be unable to purchase UM in any greater amount than the bodily injury coverage on the bike. So, decide how much UM protection you feel you need and purchase BI at least in the same amount. Most people would say $100,000 is the least amount of BI or UM anyone should carry.

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