Should I Buy Rental Car Reimbursement On My Auto Insurance Policy?

Absolutely. It is inexpensive and hugely convenient when you need it. Here’s why: very often after an accident caused by another driver, there is a delay of days or sometimes weeks before their insurance company can be determined or they accept responsibility for the crash.

Many times the other driver fails to report the crash, or the driver does not have an insurance card at the time of the accident, or they are driving someone else’s car and do not know the owner's insurance company. Other times, the driver has no insurance or it was cancelled. These and other situations may delay having the driver’s insurance company provide you a rental, if there is an insurance company at all.

We had a caller recently who was involved in an accident with someone in a rental vehicle who did not purchase the rental coverage. To make matters worse, the police did not give our caller enough information about the driver to reach them by phone. The driver was in Florida on vacation. Writing them would take time.

Going through the rental company to get their information could easily take a week. Florida is brimming with rental cars this time of year. Having rental coverage allows you to get a car without paying out of pocket and it avoids a big hassle for you. The coverage probably costs less than $15-20 every six months and is well worth having.

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