What is a SPECT Scan and How is it Used to Diagnose a Brain Injury?

Doctor Looking at a SPECT ScanSPECT scans are extremely useful in the diagnosis process because they allow doctors to see blood flow inside your body. This is essential when it comes to diagnosing brain injuries because each part of the brain handles different cognitive functions and tasks. SPECT scans help identify problem areas in the brain based on blood flow because damaged brain tissue typically uses less blood than healthy tissue.

SPECT Scans Allow Doctors to Monitor Blood Flow Within the Brain

You will receive a radioactive tracer shortly before the scan. The tracer stays in your blood, lighting it up for the scanner. Areas of the brain with heavier blood flow show up as darker colors while areas with less blood flow show up lighter and brighter on the images. By monitoring blood flow within the brain, doctors can spot areas with less than normal blood flow and compare them with your symptoms to locate the damaged part of your brain and diagnose your injury.

SPECT scans are more sensitive to brain injury than both MRI and CT scans, while the cost is roughly the same as an MRI. Often, lesions apparent on an MRI or CT scan show up much smaller than the same lesion when viewed on a SPECT scan. In cases where you have a ‘normal’ reading on an MRI or CT scan but are still suffering from serious brain damage, a SPECT scan is more likely to identify the problem. Because standard MRIs and CT scans show the structure of the brain and not the functions, they are limited in their findings of nerve damage.

As a matter of fact, we are currently helping a client with a brain injury who had a negative MRI and soft tissue swelling on a CT, but upon having a SPECT scan was found to have multiple abnormalities and areas of decreased blood flow. Among other side effects, he is suffering from short term memory loss, depression, narcolepsy and blurred vision.

Many recent studies urge the importance of SPECT scans done on people with brain injuries because of the known limitations of other imaging tests.

If You've Suffered a Brain Injury, and Attorney May Be Able to Help Your Recovery Process

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