The Driver Who Ran into Me Didn’t Get a Ticket, Do I Have a Case?

It’s pretty common for people to assume the police must ticket the other driver in order to have a case against them. Don’t fall into that trap. It doesn’t matter whether the police wrote a citation to them or not. We’ve brought many accident claims for people who were seriously injured where no ticket was issued.

What’s most important is what the other driver did to cause the crash. Were they speeding? Did they violate your right of way or fail to stop in time? Did they drive carelessly? Having an independent witness who will describe how the other driver caused the accident helps even more.

For example, let’s say you were in a car accident in Florida and the driver who caused it was not ticketed. You can still bring an injury claim against them. Proof the driver was ticketed is not part of a claim. In fact, if an accident case has to be tried in front of a jury, they will not be told whether the driver did or didn’t get the ticket. This is because it’s the jury’s job to decide if someone was negligent or at fault in causing the accident. What a police officer decided is not part of the case. Juries have to make their decision without being influenced by what a police officer thought.

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