What are Some of the Most Common Accident Injuries in a Motorcycle Crash and will a Lawyer Help Me to Seek Damages for All of My Injuries?

Because a motorcycle offers less protection than a passenger vehicle, the chances of injuries during an accident are increased.

Most Common Injuries Sustained in a Motorcycle Crash

  • concussion
  • brain damage
  • fractures
  • joint damage
  • spine damage
  • soft tissue damage
  • facial disfigurement
  • internal bleeding

Motorcyclists are also susceptible to a condition known as "biker's arm." This occurs in a motorcycle crash when the motorcyclist's upper arm nerves are damaged, resulting in permanent paralysis of the arm.

If you are injured in a motorcycle crash, an injury lawyer will work with you to seek damages for all of your injuries, including long-term treatment. Some injuries, such as fractures and spine damage, may require physical therapy, while plastic surgery may be necessary in the case of facial disfigurement. Your injury lawyer will account for these expenses in your personal injury claim.

Your injury lawyer will work with the liable party's insurer in order to seek a settlement for the injuries sustained in a motorcycle crash. If a settlement can't be reached to cover your medical expenses and long-term care, your injury lawyer may take your claim to trial in order to recover damages for your injuries.

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