What are the Short and Long-Term Implications of a Head Injury Suffered During a Motorcycle Accident?

A motorcycle accident has great potential to end in severe injury; in many cases there may be intense brain trauma. There are many brain injuries, but regardless of what type of head injury has been sustained, legal representation and assistance is necessary. If you have been involved in a a serious motorcycle accident contact a lawyer for a consultation.

The effects of traumatic brain injury typically involve cognitive function, emotional function and overall behavioral function. These are all very serious problems that can alter and disrupt the victim's entire life and interfere with daily activities.

Short-term implications can include neurological symptoms such as decreased sensory and motor function. These will become apparent within the first few days and their severity depends on the extent of damage. Victims may also have difficulty concentrating and trouble with problem solving and communication skills.

Long-Term Implications of Brain Injury

  • movement disorders;
  • seizures;
  • severe headaches;
  • vision deficiency; and
  • sleep disorders.

Cognitively there May Be:

  • memory loss;
  • mood disorders;
  • personality shifts;
  • depression; and
  • anxiety.

If a child is injured in a motorcycle accident, separate difficulties may present themselves. Children may have trouble learning new skills, lack of an ability to comprehend social cues and some issues may not show up until later in the child's development.

Hiring a lawyer who has experience with brain injuries is your best course of action. Motorcycle accidents can result in extremely traumatic injuries that could change your life forever.

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