What Should I Do After a Florida Pedestrian Accident?

If you were injured or someone you love was killed in a pedestrian accident, there are certain steps that you should take immediately to protect your health and your interests in a personal injury claim.

Steps You Should Take After a Pedestrian Accident

  • Call the police – Immediately call the police. When the police arrive they will make a report, which will serve as an official record of the pedestrian accident. Too many people regret not calling the police after an accident when they later find out the insurance card they were given was expired or their injuries are much worse than they initially thought.
  • Get the contact and insurance information of the other person(s) involved – You will need this information to file an injury claim. When the police arrive, they often handle this for you by getting the information of everyone involved, verifying it and compiling it in an Exchange of Information.
  • Get the necessary medical attention – Even if you don’t believe that your injuries are serious, you should see a medical professional right away. You may have suffered injuries that, due to shock and adrenaline, you won’t feel until later on. Often, internal injuries to the organs, traumatic brain injury and whiplash go unnoticed until days after the accident. Additionally, you must see a medical profession within 14 days of your accident to qualify for your No-Fault/PIP benefits.
  • Contact an attorney – An attorney will conduct an investigation and evaluate your case, letting your know whether you have a strong case for compensation for your injuries.
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Have You Been Injured In A Pedestrian Accident?

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