When a Car Crashes into the Back End of the Car Ahead, is that Driver Automatically at Fault?

The driver of a car who rear ends the car ahead is presumed to be at fault in Florida. However, the presumption of negligence is rebuttable, and can be overcome if the driver has evidence they were not at fault.

Five Reasons Why the Driver Hitting the Car Ahead May Not Be at Fault

  1. The car ahead made an abrupt and arbitrary stop where it would not be expected or made an unexpected lane change;
  2. Sudden brake failure made the rear car hit the lead car;
  3. The brake lights weren’t working on the lead car;
  4. The lead car was illegally and unexpectedly stopped; or
  5. The lead car turned out onto the road in front of the rear car.

This list is not exhaustive. Every accident involves a unique set of circumstances which requires careful analysis by an experienced attorney. At Jim Dodson Law, we understand the importance of every detail. 

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