I was in a Florida Bicycle Accident and My Bike Was Damaged. Who Pays for the Repairs?

Not all Florida bicycle accidents involve serious injury or death – although far too many do. In some instances, a cyclist could walk away from a crash with scrapes or bruises or other minor injuries but may end up with thousands of dollars in damages to their bike frame. Repairs to damaged bicycles due to crashes and unfortunate events can be costly. It is important to understand if this happens to you, how to get your bike repaired or replaced. Depending on the scenario, your bicycle can be covered in multiple ways.

When a Cyclist Hits a Fixed or Non-Moving Object

There are certain situations in which a Florida cyclist may run into a parked car, hit a pole, fence, sign or some other stationary object. If this occurs, your homeowner’s insurance will pay for repair or replacement of the bicycle if it is covered under your policy. There may be a deductible. A typical policy may cover bikes up to a maximum amount without being specifically insured. Call your insurance company to make sure your bike is properly covered, before you hit something.

When a Cyclist is Hit By Another Cyclist

Many cyclists ride as a part of a group or encounter other riders along their path. Sometimes, these encounters don’t go as nicely as planned. If your bike frame is damaged or destroyed in a bike collision, you will look to the at fault cyclist’s homeowner’s policy for coverage. If they don’t have no fault, then your homeowner’s policy may cover your damages. Check with your insurance carrier.

When a Cyclist is Hit By a Car

If you are hit by a car while riding your bike in Florida, you will look to the property damage coverage on the at fault driver’s auto insurance policy to recover any damages to your bike that result from the accident.

Getting Help from a Florida Bicycle Accident Attorney

Our Florida Bicycle Accident Handbook answers many questions about how you can better protect yourself and your bicycle from any serious harm when you are riding. But, if the unexpected happens and you or someone you know is hurt in a bicycle accident, you should consider talking to an experienced attorney about what your legal options are. 

Have You Been Injured In A Bicycle Accident?

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