Why Do Children Suffer So Many Fireworks Related Injuries?

Children want to be near fireworks and have little understanding of their potential danger. Many times injuries occur because a child is too close when a firework explodes. Sparklers burn at 1000 degrees Fahrenheit and can ignite clothing. Children are curious. They want to handle them. Sometimes, a “dud”, which initially fails to ignite will do so after a child has picked it up. They also lack the physical coordination to evade sudden danger.

Because of the emotion involved, child injury cases are some of the most difficult to handle. Some of the injuries children suffer are the same as adults, such as auto accidents (the leading cause of injury to children) as well as slip/ falls.

But many injuries are unique to children. For example, burns, fireworks injuries, school injuries, daycare injuries, golf cart, scooter/razor injuries, bicycle injuries, dog bite/animal attacks, and playground injuries are some of the injuries our office handles which are unique to children. You need an attorney you can trust, one who is genuinely interested in protecting the rights of children, and who will advocate on behalf of your child and your family.

Has Your Child Been Injured In An Accident?

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