Long-term Effects of a Spinal Cord Injury

The aftermath of a spinal cord injury from a motorcycle accident may follow you for an extended period of time. It may be in your best interest to consult with a spinal cord injury lawyer to review your accident and discuss your options for possible courses of legal action.

Possible Long-term Effects & Complications of a Spinal Cord Injury

Take note of the signs and symptoms of spinal cord injuries if you’ve been in an accident, and call a spinal cord injury lawyer in Clearwater if you have any questions or are interested in pursuing a personal injury claim.

  • X-ray of the Spinal CordIssues with bladder control – difficulty controlling bladder which simultaneously increases chances of urinary tract infection, kidney infection, and kidney or bladder stones.
  • Issues with bowel control – brain issues controlling the excretion process.
  • Decreased skin sensation – loss of skin sensation and inability to feel temperature with an increased risk of developing pressure sores.
  • Impaired circulatory control – low blood pressure issues, swelling of an extremity which increases risks of blood clots and life-threateningly high blood pressure.
  • Respiratory system issues – diaphragm and chest wall muscles may be affected, making it difficult to breathe. This could develop pneumonia or other lung complications.
  • Muscle spasms – uncontrollable tightening or relaxing.
  • Sexual dysfunction – changes or complications with sexuality, fertility and sexual function.
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