Beware of the Insurance Adjuster After a Bicycle Accident

Insurance AdjusterAfter a Florida Bicycle Accident – Watch out for the Driver’s Insurance Adjuster

The insurance adjuster is looking out for their company. They are not your friend. You should beware of their predictable tactics after you’ve been hurt in a bicycle accident. The first thing the adjuster for the driver’s insurance company will do is call you and ask for your statement just to “better understand what happened”.

Recorded Statement

If you agree to give them a recorded statement, the adjuster will try to get you to minimize your injuries or admit you were at least partly to blame in your Florida bicycle accident. They are trained to ask questions to provoke answers that will be used to harm your case. These people are highly skilled at getting the answers they want. Don’t help them.

Florida Bicycle Accident Attorney

An insurance adjuster will reach out to you soon after an accident. They can be very sympathetic and assure you their company will treat you fairly. Quite often they will tell you there is no need to hire a lawyer and that the insurance company will make sure you get a fair settlement. In reality, everything an adjuster does after an accident has one purpose, to save their company money.

You are not required to give the driver’s insurance adjuster a recorded statement.

If they call just say you are not ready to give a statement. Be courteous but firm in refusing the interview. Then call an experienced attorney who has dealt with bicycle accident cases before.

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