Florida Bicycle Crashes Caused By a Cyclist Riding Against Traffic

Car Hit a Bicycle RiderBicycle Accidents – According to Jeff Mapes in Pedaling Revolution, a 1996 study showed that as many as a third of all bike accidents result from cyclists riding against the flow of  traffic.

A Florida bike advocacy group places that figure a bit higher, stating that in Orlando anyway, 45 percent of bike-car collisions result from riding against traffic.

Some of us were taught when we were young that we should ride facing traffic to better see oncoming cars.  While this is true for walking, it emphatically does not apply to riding a bike!  Here’s why.

  • Cars pulling out of driveways, parking lots, and cross streets and turning right onto the street where you’re riding aren’t expecting traffic to be coming at them from the wrong way. They will be looking in the other direction and won’t see you, and they may turn right into you.
  • There is no way to make a right turn when you are riding against traffic.
  • Cars will approach you at a much higher speed, relative to yours. To determine the impact speed if you are struck by a car from behind, subtract your speed from that of the car. For example, you are going 20 MPH and the car is going 30, so the impact speed would be 30 minus 20, or 10 MPH. To figure the speed upon impact with an oncoming car, as when you are on the wrong side of the road, add your speed to that of the car:  You are going the same 20 MPH and the oncoming car is going 30, so now the impact speed is 50 MPH.  See the difference?
  • Riding the wrong way is illegal, and you can get a citation if you get caught.

Have You or Loved One Been Seriously Injured in a Florida Bicycle Accident?

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Have You Been Injured In A Bicycle Accident?

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