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December 21, 2012

Bikes for Kids for Christmas

Children around the world look forward to the holiday season with joyful anticipation, but for some, high hopes for the season never materialize. With the economy still barely limping along, many families simply don’t have the money to spare to provide their children with their heart’s desire at Christmas. But sometimes, a caring community can help make the holidays bright.

The law firm of Jim Dodson in Clearwater contacted Isaiah’s Inn and Shepherd’s Village, two local charitable organizations who help families facing hard times, to recommend some deserving children whose families are struggling, who could use an extra dose of Christmas joy. With the help of these agencies, Jim Dodson and his staff chose five children to receive brand new Raleigh bicycles—and safety helmets and lights to go with them.

Dodson partnered with local bicycle store Chainwheel Drive to surprise the lucky kids at his firm’s annual Bikes for Kids for Christmas Bike Giveaway on Thursday. The children all came to the store not knowing about the Christmas surprise. Two of the children arrived early and walked around the store admiring the bikes, and each chose their favorite. Entirely by coincidence, the children chose the exact bikes that had already been selected as their gift!

Jim Dodson knows how much a bike means to a child. He loves cycling, and is well known by area cyclists as an advocate for bicycle safety in the community. “I know what that first bike represents to a kid” Dodson says. “Freedom, independence, and of course the opportunity to get exercise. And bike ownership helps children develop responsibility as they learn to care for the bike, respect the rules of the road, and adhere to safe cycling practices.”

Jim emphasizes responsibility in bicycle ownership because he knows from his law practice the dangers that can arise when riders don’t follow the rules, protect themselves with helmets and lights, and remain alert to careless drivers who may violate their rights on the road and cause an accident. In his 25-plus years of practicing personal injury law, Jim has helped many bike accident victims recover compensation from negligent drivers, but he’d prefer that the accidents not happen. “Teaching young riders (and older ones as well) to protect themselves, and educating drivers on their responsibility toward cyclists are ways the community can help reduce accidents and keep cyclists safe as they enjoy the many benefits of riding a bike,” he explains.

“The people of this community have given me so much. Helping these kids is just a small a way that I can give something back,” Jim says.

In addition to helping accident victims in his law practice, Dodson has recently published a book of information of interest to anyone who rides a bike in Florida. The Florida Bicycle Accident Handbook is full of information about what the law in Florida says about bicycles on the roads, how to avoid biking accidents with cars, what to do following an accident if one does occur, and what car insurance you should carry to protect the bicyclists and pedestrians in your family. As a public service, he provides copies at no cost on his website at www.jimdodsonlaw.com.


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