Falling Objects & Brain Injuries

Aisle of a Big Box StoreThe obvious danger here is that something can fall directly onto someone’s head and cause an injury. Many people call these injuries “struck by” injuries for how they occur; the head is struck by an external object. The most common way brain injuries occur is when something falls into your body and knocks you to the ground where you hit your head on the way down or on the ground itself.

When you think about it, there are endless ways to be injured by a falling object. Something could fall or be pushed off a high shelf at the grocery store and land on you. Most big box stores, like Home Depot, Lowe’s K-Mart, Target and others, store their extra merchandise on shelves high above where customers are standing. Sometimes products fall on people because they were shelved carelessly. They can also fall during the restocking process. We have handled numerous cases like these, including situations in which customers have been hit in the head attempting to reach an object on the upper shelf. We have even seen cases in which someone was hit in the head by a tree limb falling from a damages or diseased tree which should have been removed.

Being struck by a foreign object accounts for 16% of all brain injuries. That puts it third only to falls and car accidents. It is important to realize that the object doesn’t need to be heavy or metal to cause serious injury. Something as small and light as a pen or a bolt, if dropped from high enough, can be deadly.

Of the many traumatic brain injuries associated with falling object injuries, concussion, fractured skull and, in extreme cases, coma and death are all linked to falling or ‘struck by’ injuries. Everyone should be aware of certain telltale signs of a brain injury. You should seek medical attention immediately if you experience any of the following after a head injury: loss of consciousness, confusion, blurred vision, memory loss, incoherent speech, bleeding or personality changes.

If you or a loved one is suffering from a brain injury because of someone else’s carelessness or recklessness you may be entitled to some form of compensation for your medical bills, lost wages, pain and suffering  and other needs to help get you back on your feet.

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