Brain Injuries Caused By a Florida Car Accident

Car Crash Victim Holding Her Head

Motor vehicle accidents is the second leading cause of Traumatic Brain Injury (TBI) related deaths. Brain injuries can occur as a result of something striking the head upon impact, such as the head rest, steering wheel, airbag, or a piece of debris, but an external object is not always the cause. A direct impact can result in a fractured skull which penetrates the brain and tears tissue, hematoma (bruising), swelling, and other life threatening injuries.

In some motor vehicle accidents, the sudden deceleration caused by the collision can force the head forward and back so quickly that the brain crashes into the skull, causing damage. In these cases, parts of the brain may stretch and tear causing bleeding in the brain. The bleeding can cause bruises, blood clots, and permanent damage to the brain. The shearing or tearing of white brain matter is often referred to as Diffuse Axonal Injury (DAI).

Concussions are Brain Injuries

Many people who suffer a concussion after a car accident write it off as no big deal, but a concussion is a brain injury and requires prompt medical treatment to rule out other hidden injuries and prevent more damage. Someone who has not yet healed from a concussion when he or she has another concussion can develop Secondary Impact Syndrome (SIS), which can be deadly. If you or someone you love has a head injury from a car accident, medical care should be the first priority. Brain injuries manifest themselves in many different ways, so early evaluation and treatment can be crucial to a successful recovery.

Most people will fully recover from a concussion within the first year but at least 90,000 people each year deal with lifelong problems. It is impossible to know soon after a concussion whether you will fully recover or not. That’s why thorough medical evaluation and follow up care is so important.

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