Florida No Fault, PIP Law Explained

In order for your PIP benefits to apply after a car accident (refer to Florida Statute 627.736):
  1. You must receive initial care within 14 days from one of these: EMT or paramedic,physician (MD or DO), dentist, chiropractor, hospital or hospital owned clinic.
  2. Follow up care must be on a referral from that provider to a physician (MD or DO), chiropractor, dentist, certain nurse practitioners, physical therapist, hospital, hospital owned clinic, or surgery center.
  3. PIP reimbursement is limited to $2500 unless there is finding you have “emergency medical condition” which is very specifically defined and must be made by a physician(MD or DO),dentist, physician’s assistant (PA) or nurse practitioner (ARNP).
  4. Follow up care will be reimbursed up to $10,000 only if the finding of “emergency medical condition” is made.
  5. PIP no longer pays for massage therapy or acupuncture.
  6. If you only see a chiropractor, for instance, reimbursement is limited to $2500.
  7. If PIP benefits do not apply because you didn’t get treatment within 14 days, or they apply but were exhausted, your health insurance/ Medicare may be used or your lawyer may arrange payment arrangements.

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