If You've Been Injured In A Clearwater Bike Crash You Need An Attorney Who Is Also A Cyclist

It seems that every personal injury law firm claims to represent people who have been injured in a bicycle accident. Virtually none of them are cyclists. So, what difference would it make if you hired a Clearwater bicycle accident lawyer that's actually a cyclists too?

Five Reason Why It Matters To Hire A Lawyer Who Is A Cyclist

1. A cyclist who is a lawyer understands the dangers and frustrations people on bicycles encounter on a daily basis simply enjoying the sport we love. 
2. A cyclist who is an attorney understands what it means being unable to ride because of a serious bicycle injury. 
3. An attorney who is a cyclist understands how you feel when the bicycle you’ve invested in, cared for, and enjoyed on a daily basis is suddenly damaged beyond repair and will give you your best chance for having it replaced. 
4. An attorney who is a cyclist understands what it’s like to encounter an unexpected obstruction on the road or a driver who makes an unexpected turn into your path causing you to crash. 
5. An attorney who shares your love of cycling has the passion to stand up for you to an insurance company which has no clue what a cyclist experiences after a serious injury.
Clearwater Bicycle Accident Lawyer Jim Dodson

It’s All About Holding Drivers Responsible Following A Bike Accident

The first thing most Clearwater drivers say after running into a cyclist is “I never saw them.” Drivers must be held responsible, whether they were at fault because of impatience, inattention, indifference or being distracted on their cell phone. Four of the top ten most dangerous metropolitan areas involving cycling injuries and deaths in the United States are located in Florida. Those include Clearwater and St. Petersburg, Orlando, Jacksonville and Miami. Too many of these collisions occur because of driver error. 
In addition, much of Clearwater’s roadway infrastructure was built out to enhance the rapid movement of vehicles. It has only been in recent years that serious consideration has been given to roadway designs which encourage the safety of those on bicycles. Those changes are being implemented slowly. It will be many years before there is significant safe cycling infrastructure to protect those on bicycles from vehicles.
Until that day, cyclists must rely on drivers to operate their vehicles safely with awareness of the rights of all road users. It isn’t that drivers who make a mistake are bad people or need to be punished personally. It’s simply a matter of fairness. The person causing the bicycle accident injury is the one who should bear the responsibility for its consequences. Drivers protect themselves by purchasing liability insurance on their automobile policy. Insurance provides the best way for an injured cyclist to be fully compensated for all that they have suffered and lost. 

Clearwater Has Developed An Extensive And Beautiful Multi-Use Trail System

Clearwater offers several different trails for cyclists to ride. The Courtney Campbell Trail, Duke Energy Trail, Ream Wilson Trail and the Pinellas Trail offer great views and a great way to exercise. They also offer the advantage of minimizing interaction with motorists. However they are not without their potential danger. Cyclists face the risk of interacting with drivers at every road crossing. In order to cross intersections safely, cyclists must never assume the driver has seen you and must never assume the driver will stop. 
Some trail crossings are involved in bicycle vs. car crashes more often than others. According to the Clearwater MPO, here are some intersections with a history of higher incidents of collisions:
1. S Fort Harrison Avenue and Belleair Road on the Pinellas Trail
2. N Myrtle Avenue and the Pinellas Trail
3. South East Avenue along the Pinellas Trail
4. Old Coachman Road on the Duke Energy Trail 
5. Lakeview Road and the Pinellas Trail
In addition to these intersections, we have seen several cycling crashes at the top of our street where Wildwood Way meets the Pinellas Trail in Belleair.

Hire An Experienced Clearwater Bicycle Injury Attorney

Clearwater Bicycle Injury Attorney Jim Dodson represents people who have been seriously injured in all types of bicycle crashes as well as survivors of those who have died riding a bicycle. If you have been injured by a negligent driver, or have lost a loved one because of a driver’s mistake, I encourage you to get Jim’s FREE consumer guide: Florida Bicycle Accident Handbook.
As a cycling lawyer, Jim wrote this guide to answer most of the questions people have after an unexpected bicycle crash. If you have immediate questions or concerns just call us at (tracking number). There’s never a charge to discuss your questions or concerns with Jim. If you later retain Jim as your lawyer, any fee we earn is a percentage of the recovery. This simply means you will never be asked to write a personal check to our law firm. We keep it simple.
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