Airbag Injuries Caused By a Florida Car Crash

Deflated Airbag Jim Dodson LawAirbags undoubtedly save lives and prevent many serious car accident injuries, however they can also cause injuries to drivers and passengers. The speed at which the airbag is deployed, the chemicals used in the device and the seat belt can all play a role in airbag related injuries.

Most Common Types of Airbag Injuries

A lot of our body parts are exposed to airbags and as a result several different types of injuries can occur. Some of the common injuries that can be caused by airbags include:

  1. Concussions and head injuries
  2. Wrist and forearm fractures
  3. Internal organ injuries
    • Heart muscle rupture
    • Internal bleeding
    • Injury to veins, arteries and lungs
  4. Back and neck injuries
  5. Eye injuries
  6. Hearing loss or ear trauma
  7. Hand, wrist and finger injuries
  8. Fetal injury in pregnant women

Receiving Compensation for an Airbag Injury

If you or a loved one has been injured by an airbag during a car accident caused by another driver, generally your airbag injuries are all part of your claim against the person who caused the accident. You would usually look to recover compensation for your airbag related injury along with any other injuries suffered during the crash, such as knee, hip and back injuries.

How Florida Car Accident Attorney Jim Dodson Can Help You

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