Common Injuries Suffered in a Motorcycle Accident

Motorcyclists are at a higher risk of injury in an accident than the occupants of a passenger vehicle due to their lack of safety features. Sadly, a report from the National Technical Information Service shows motorcyclists have a 98% likelihood of sustaining injuries in an accident involving multiple vehicles and a 96% chance of being injured in an accident with a single vehicle.

The type of injuries sustained depends on the circumstances of the motorcycle accident. If you were recently hurt in a motorcycle accident due to the negligence or wrongdoing of another party, a motorcycle accident lawyer can help you deal with the insurance company or file a personal injury claim in order to recover damages for your financial losses and injuries.

Common Motorcycle Accident Injuries

In a motorcycle accident, a motorcyclist can sustain serious injuries due to the impact with the other (larger) vehicle. These injuries will more than likely require medical attention.

Broken bones and joints are a common injury associated with a motorcycle accident. The violent contact with another vehicle, object, or even the road can break your shoulders, elbows, wrists, hips, and knees, as well as your neck or spine. Shoulder and pelvis fractures are the most common broken bones in a motorcycle collision. These injuries could require long-term medical care in addition to physical therapy in order to fully heal.

Concussions and brain damage may also occur as the result of a motorcycle accident. Although wearing an approved helmet may reduce the risk of death by 37%, studies say these head injuries may still occur as an accident may cause the brain to rapidly accelerate and decelerate within the skull. If this results in long-term damage, going back to work could be difficult, if not impossible.

Without a full-face helmet, a motorcyclist involved in a motorcycle accident may sustain facial disfigurement, especially if he or she comes into contact with an object or slides on the road. This type of injury may require plastic surgery.

Soft tissue damage occurs in a motorcycle accident when a motorcyclist falls off of the bike and slides on the road’s gravel or pavement. Also known as “road rash,” this may affect the skin and muscle depending on the severity of the injuries.

Motorcyclists may also experience a condition referred to as “biker’s arm.” This occurs when the nerves in the upper arm become damaged and cause permanent paralysis in the affected arm.

Don’t Delay Medical Treatment After a Motorcycle Accident

If you have sustained injuries in a motorcycle accident, you should immediately seek medical attention in order to begin receiving treatment. Some injuries, such as broken bones and internal bleeding, need to be treated early so they don’t cause more problems down the road.

After an accident, you have more important things to worry about than filing a personal injury claim. This is where a motorcycle crash injury lawyer can help. Your lawyer can gather evidence that supports your claim that the other driver is liable for your accident. He or she will also speak with the insurance company in order to maximize the settlement for your motorcycle collision.

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