Questions We Hear Most Often...

Will You Represent Me if I Don't Live Near Your Office?

Distance is never a problem. We will come to you. We currently represent clients throughout Florida who have been injured in cycling crashes and other injury cases. It's not necessary to come to our office. We have found most clients prefer to communicate by phone call or email after our initial meeting regardless of how close they live to our office.

Will My Case Require Filing a Lawsuit?

Most of our cases are settled without filing a lawsuit. We focus on providing the other side everything they need to fully and fairly evaluate your claim. Lawsuits are expensive, take more time and demand a lot emotionally from our client. On the other hand If we feel filing a lawsuit is the best thing to do we will tell you. We always fully explain your options and help you make the best decision for your case.

Why Should My Car Insurance Medical Coverage (PIP) and My Health Insurance Pay My Bills? Shouldn't the Driver's Insurance Be Paying My Medical Expenses?

The legislature has decided that if you are hurt in a collision with a vehicle in Florida the PIP on your auto policy is primary. It pays first until the PIP limits of $10,000 are exhausted whether you were on a bicycle, a pedestrian or in a vehicle. If you have health insurance it pays after the PIP is exhausted. The driver's insurance company will be required to reimburse what your health insurance pays out. But this is done as part of the overall settlement of your injury claim, in addition to your pain and suffering  from your injuries, future medical needs and other financial losses.

I'm concerned I may not be able to afford a lawyer.

We are paid a percentage of your settlement. If there was never a settlement you would owe us nothing. It's really that simple. As our client you will never write a personal check for our fees or expenses.  Period.

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