Is it Better to Hire a Large or Small Law Office for My Personal Injury Case?

GavelThe firm you hire is not nearly as important as the attorney you choose to hire. Your lawyer should be someone that has time to meet with you personally and speak to you at great length about your case. You should do thorough research into the background and experience of any prospective attorney.

An easy way to look into any attorney or firm is to simply check out their website. They should have plenty of useful and informative content on their website. Definitely check out their personal bio page to see what types of cases they've handled as well as their overall experience as an attorney. If you're not finding that they have experience handling a case similar to yours, you should probably keep on researching until you find an attorney that does.

You should feel comfortable picking up the phone to call your attorney with questions and concerns. Does he or she encourage you to call them? If you call, will you get a person or a machine? Will they schedule time to speak with you and call you back in a timely manner? Will they give you their written promise to return your calls? The number one complaint about lawyers is that they don’t return calls as often or as quickly as clients would like. When you are searching for an attorney, be sure you find someone who has time for you and your case.

Many larger firms have business models that do not permit potential clients to meet with the attorney who will actually be handling their case. These firms often send a “sign up person” to the client’s home with the explanation that their attorney is in court. Fast forward a few months, they are always out of the office when the client tries to call.

Some firms have such significant staff turnover that when you call them a new assistant answers who doesn’t know you or your case. This is one of the most frequent complaints we hear from potential clients who call our firm after firing another law firm. Regardless of how your case is handled in the end, it is frustrating being passed from one assistant to another while your case progresses.

Most importantly, you want someone you can trust to have your best interest at heart. Can you look them in the eye and be convinced in your heart they will be honest with you and work for your best interest? Do not hire any lawyer who doesn’t give you that confidence.
While some firms have great name recognition, they often lack the personal touch of small firms. We, here at Jim Dodson Law, are not going anywhere. You can count on the same team that initially meets with you to work your case all the way through. We take great pride in setting ourselves apart with personal service and attention.

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