Facial Disfigurement as a Result of a Florida Car Crash

Wrecked CarsAuto accidents are frequent causes of disfiguring facial injuries. Between 50 and 70 percent of people who survive car accidents suffer some kind of facial trauma, which can involve soft tissue injuries, lacerations, bruises, and fractures of the facial bones, including fractures of the nose and jaw. Trauma commonly occurs when the face strikes a part of the vehicle’s interior, such as the steering wheel, or when airbags deploy.

In addition to disfigurement, facial injuries can cause loss of function, for example blocking an airway, causing blindness, or interfering with the movement of the jaw.

Treatment of Facial Injuries After an Automobile Accident

Treatment for facial injuries may include bandaging and suturing of open wounds, ice packs, antibiotics, pain killers, plastic and reconstructive surgery, eye surgery, and cosmetic or reconstructive dental procedures.

Psychological Trauma from Facial Disfigurement in Car Crashes

Aside from the pain and functional problems often associated with facial injuries from car crashes, many victims suffer severe psychological injuries. Patients with facial trauma often report symptoms of depression, anxiety, and hostility. Some studies have found that as many as 70 percent of patients suffering facial trauma experience symptoms of depression and anxiety.

A study done by the Section of Plastic Surgery at Yale University School of Medicine’s Department of Surgery evaluated the social and psychological impact of facial trauma on previously healthy individuals. The study found that facial disfigurement from trauma is associated with decreased satisfaction with life, a negative body image, a higher incidence of post traumatic stress disorder (PTSD), an increased incidence of alcoholism, binge drinking, jail time, unemployment, and marital problems.

Many accident victims with disfiguring facial injuries become isolated and withdrawn, severely limiting their social interactions.

Preventing Facial Injuries in Auto Accidents

Measures to reduce facial trauma include:

  • Enforcing seat belt use
  • Public education to increase awareness about the importance of seat belts and motorcycle helmets
  • Efforts to reduce drunk driving and distracted driving
  • Designing automobiles with features to prevent facial injuries

Choosing the Right Florida Lawyer for Your Car Accident Case

When injuries in a car collision are a consequence of another driver’s poor driving behavior, the victim is often eligible to make a claim for compensation against the driver who caused the accident. If you or someone you care about has been in a Florida car accident you should have an experienced lawyer working on your behalf to ensure that you are fully compensated for all of your losses, including not only medical treatment, but also loss of earnings or earning potential, loss of quality of life, and psychological damage caused by the accident and injuries.

Jim Dodson has more than 25 years of experience representing clients with many types of injuries caused by the negligent drivers on Florida’s roads. He understands that there are many types of losses, and fights for every one of his clients to receive fair and adequate compensation for the full range of losses suffered in a Florida automobile accident.

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