Fall Accidents On Staircases Caused By Missing or Defective Handrails and Guardrails

Steps with HandrailsStaircases and steps are a frequent cause of falls for people of all ages. Many staircase falls could be prevented by a properly installed handrail, as mandated by the Florida building code. While anyone can fall and suffer severe injuries on a stairway, these falls are especially dangerous to people with disabilities or older people who may be suffering from preexisting mobility or balance problems because they are more likely to suffer serious fractures.

Herniated discs, hip fractures, spinal fractures, spinal cord injuries, fractured arms and legs, brain injuries, and other debilitating injuries can happen to anyone who falls down a flight of stairs lacking a secure rail.

A handrail should be easy to grip, securely installed, and at an appropriate height, as described in the Code. Specifications are different for residential and commercial buildings, and depend on whether the staircase is indoors or outdoors.

Other Guardrails

Other guardrails, such as the railings surrounding porches, decks, platforms, ramps, or balconies can cause accidents as well, if they are defective or not up to code. The Florida Administrative Code for Public Lodging Establishments requires a Certiļ¬cate of Balcony Inspection every three years in hotels and apartment buildings.

When a handrail or guardrail is missing, damaged, defective, or not up to code and you’re injured, it is often possible to recover money to compensate you for damages from the accident.

Get an Experienced Fall Injury Lawyer Quickly

It is important to contact an attorney with experience representing victims of falls as soon as possible so the scene can be documented and evidence can be preserved. You would be surprised how quickly property owners make repairs after someone has been injured.

Your attorney needs to prove the owner of the property where the accident occurred caused the defective condition or allowed it to exist. Florida law also requires the lawyer to prove the property owner knew of the dangerous condition or should have known if he or she had done a reasonable inspection of the premises.

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