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Chalk Drawing on the Street Indicating a Fatal Pedestrian AccidentAs a pedestrian who’s just been involved in a pedestrian accident you know what it feels like to be at a disadvantage. The injuries sustained in pedestrian accidents are much more severe due to the lack of protection you have against a motor vehicle. Don’t let yourself be put at a disadvantage by failing to seek help with your claim.

Jim Dodson, A Clearwater Personal Injury Attorney is Here to Help

Your life just got much more complicated now that you or a loved one has suffered serious injury or loss from a pedestrian accident. As the medical bills start coming in and you can’t go out to work, you’ll need to consider how to deal with these issues. We’re not expected to know what to do after a serious personal injury, but luckily a personal injury attorney does. A trustworthy attorney has years of training and experience to help educate you on the nuances of a Florida accident claim.

Their guidance can help make the difference between being forced into a low settlement or obtaining fair compensation for your losses. When you work with a trusted attorney, you’ll get personal attention to your family’s needs.

Your attorney can handle the critical aspects of your claim including:

  • corresponding with the insurance company and adjusters;
  • developing the evidence of your claim and injuries;
  • contacting witnesses for statements to support your claim;
  • keeping your claim on schedule with deadlines and requirements; and
  • evaluating settlement offers to ensure they meet your needs.

Avoid Future Headaches by Hiring an Attorney

The insurance company will try to settle your Florida accident claim for as little as possible. This means they’ll most likely give you a quick offer that covers your current medical expenses and perhaps some of your lost wages. If you’re too desperate for a settlement you may be selling yourself short by accepting!

A personal injury attorney can assess your damages from a pedestrian accident and estimate a fair settlement.

You need to take into account more than just your current damages; you also need to predict future damages such as:

  • continued therapy;
  • medical supplies; and
  • long-term disability losses.

The injuries common with pedestrian accidents are often life-changing. Permanent disability is often a result of serious accidents, creating a life-long need for special care. If your settlement isn’t obtained with the help of an attorney, you may not be getting the compensation necessary to provide for your future needs.

Have You Been Injured In A Pedestrian Accident?

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