Five Reasons to Hire a Cycling Injury Lawyer After a Crash and Not Just Any Accident Lawyer

Attorney Jim Dodson Riding His BikeI’ve heard it asked, “What difference does it make what lawyer I hire?” Clearly every community is filled with accident lawyers. It may seem as though everyone you talk to believes they know the “best lawyer in town.” While there are many qualified accident lawyers, there are very few qualified injury lawyers who are active cyclists.

Here are five reasons why hiring a cycling injury lawyer can make a huge difference in your case.

First, as one of my cycling clients expressed it to me “you’re a cyclist, you’re one of us, you understand.” That‘s very true. A cycling lawyer rides the streets you ride and faces all the same problems. It makes a huge difference being able to understand how an accident happened and communicating the cyclist’s perspective to an insurance company or to a jury.

Second, a cycling lawyer knows and understands the traffic laws relating to cycling. We all know they can be confusing, even cops get them wrong. The general public, including claims adjusters and jurors, simply have no clue how they apply or what they mean.

Third, he or she understands when, where and how cyclists ride and at what speeds. I recently settled a case in which the defense was arguing our client must have been riding on the sidewalk at the time of the collision. We were able to clearly show our client not only was not on the sidewalk, but would have never have been riding at the speed involved in the crash on a sidewalk at that location.

Fourth, a cyclist understands the unique construction and function of bike frames and their components. After a crash should the cyclist be able to have their bicycle carbon frame replaced even if there was no apparent damage? A cycling lawyer knows the right questions to ask the bike shop to get the correct answer.

Fifth, an attorney who is a cyclist is in the best position to understand what it means for a client to lose the ability to ride as fast or as far as before an accident, or to lose the ability to ride at all. This can be a huge part of the harm caused in an accident and it is most effectively argued to an insurance company or to a jury by someone who understands. Someone who is a non-cyclist just doesn’t get it.

Clearly, hiring the right lawyer, an attorney who knows and understands cycling, not just any accident lawyer, is important to the outcome of a cyclist’s case. 

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