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We have a complete packet of very useful information we’ll send to Florida residents who were injured in a cycling crash. Not only will you receive a print copy of the handbook but a lot of other valuable resources you will find helpful.

The Florida Bicycle Accident Package Includes:

  • Print copy of Jim's book, Florida Bicycle Accident Handbook
  • The Dodson Bicycle Law Magazine created for cyclists who are looking for helpful information about Florida cycling and resources on how to protect yourself
  • 8 Steps to Take After a Bike Accident Report
  • Print copy of Jim's book, Uninsured Motorist Insurance - Don't Leave Home Without It!
  • Terry Simmons' testimonial about the importance of having UM
  • Two "Watch 4 Cyclists" bumper stickers
  • Jim Dodson Law Jersey Bin, a great way for cyclists to carry a cell phone and protect your valuables from rain, sweat, dust and dirt while riding

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