Unique Challenges of Bike Crash Cases Caused by Road Construction

Road Signs Jim Dodson LawFlorida bicycle accidents caused by road construction have very unique challenges due to how rapidly the circumstances causing the crash change as construction progresses. While we are all familiar with the expression “a picture is worth a thousand words,” it is most clearly applicable in a road construction case.

It's Important for the Investigative Work to Be Done Quickly After the Bicycle Crash

In these cases, the investigative work done as quickly as possible after a crash has the best chance to capture the circumstances which existed at the time it occurred. Regardless of the seriousness of one’s injury, the construction contractors and subcontractors continue their work towards completing their piece of the project. Often, they are unaware a crash has occurred and, therefore, take no steps to investigate or document the conditions which contributed to it.

Conditions change every day: grading, paving, signage, temporary barricades, lane markings, lane closures, lane shifts, and debris left on the road change constantly. Capturing photos and description of these important features can make a huge difference in the success of a case. Once they become aware of what happened, any contractor will cover their tracks and correct any dangerous situation they may have caused or missed.

The Importance of Taking Photos & Going to the Scene of the Bike Crash

Jim went to the scene of one of a client’s crash recently to see it and take his own photographs (he had already sent an investigator to do the same days earlier). Bear in mind, this crash was almost three hours away from our office. While there with our client, the construction superintendent drove up and readily engaged in conversation. He explained he worked for the general contractor, he gave their name and contact information and described the process they had gone through to try and (unsuccessfully) prevent the situation which lead to our client’s crash. His information saved us weeks of investigative work to obtain what we learned simply by being on site.

Many construction cases require our hiring experts to explain the mistakes made by the contractor and what should have been done. It is vitally important to photograph and take measurements as quickly as possible after a crash event in order to give our expert the data they need. Having a friend take as many possible photographs from different viewpoints and from different directions is always helpful. Giving us the opportunity to get someone there with experience documenting these cases is crucial as well. Delays do occur when a cyclist is admitted to the hospital or injured in such a way they are unable to return to the scene. In such cases, friends and family often provide the first opportunity to get back to the scene and capture the condition as quickly as possible. 

Have You Been Injured in a Florida Bicycle Accident in a Construction Site?

As a road cyclist himself, Jim Dodson understands the issues involved in virtually every type of cycling crash, including those caused by road construction. He has experience riding these same roads and knows what it takes to recover from crash related physical injuries and surgeries. He understands what it means to lose your bike and be unable to ride for weeks or months while you recover. His goal is to relieve you of the emotional burdens, handle the legal and insurance issues, while you focus on your recovery and return to cycling.

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